Children's Health Check





Our Philosophy

We believe that children should have their feet checked regularly. While footwear is an important aspect of foot health care, there are other factors that can damage the foot while it is developing

When assessing your child’s feet our podiatrists will consider:

• Hereditary Factors: If parents or grandparents have had

   trouble with their feet, knees or hips.

• Foot Shape: If your child appears to have flat feet or high arches.

• Gait: If your child’s feet turn in/out, or if they have an awkward
   walk /run.

• Posture: If your child stands badly or has poor posture.

• Any Symptoms: If your child complains of aches or pains in their

  feet or legs.


Our podiatrists will carry out a complete foot and leg assessment, they will advise you on any current foot issues or any potential problems that may arise and how best to avoid them.

Whose feet do your children have?

The health of your body rests on your feet.