Our Philosophy

We can never over emphasise the importance of keeping your diabetes under good control. Poorly controlled diabetes can adversely affect nearly every system of the body but here we confine ourselves to its effect on your feet.

The best ways to prevent an amputation are to:

Prevent: damage to your blood vessels and damage to your nerves by controlling your blood sugar levels, taking regular exercise and having regular medical checks.

Prevent: soft tissue and structural damage to your feet by wearing the correct footwear, having a gait assessment and visiting your chiropodist or podiatrist regularly.

When diabetes is poorly managed, you lose control of your blood sugar levels. One of the major side effects of this is damage to the blood vessels and nerves of the feet, which leaves the structure and soft tissue of your feet much more susceptible to damage.
If this happens your feet are considered to be:
Feet at risk
If this is the case you are much more lightly to suffer an:

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