Our Philosophy

If your foot is the wheel on your car – the skin is the tyre – the ankle, knee and hips are the suspension and tracking, then your corn is a bald patch on your tyre.


A corn is a pointed, concentrated piece of hard skin that usually forms within a callous. Its function is to protect the area of skin where it forms and more importantly, to protect the structure of that part of the foot. It also prevents the breakdown of the soft tissue, which would otherwise result in an open wound. They can be found anywhere on the foot.

The most common areas for them to develop are on the knuckles of the toes, the heels and the ball of the foot, but can also be found in the nail groves and under damaged nails.


The treatment of a corn is similar to that of a callous. Initially our podiatrist will remove the corn which is done painlessly to avoid any unnecessary soft tissue damage.

If there are no other associated foot, ankle, leg, knee or hip pains – we recommend monitoring the corn to see how long it takes to recur. If it takes it a long time to develop we just treat as necessary, but if the corn is aggressive, our podiatrist will determine what the structural or mechanical problems are, and advise you on the best course of treatment.

Treatment options:

  • stretching
  • muscle strengthening exercises
  • foot mobilisation therapy
  • orthotics
Podiatry is the science of comfort.