Our Philosophy

We can never over emphasise the importance of keeping your diabetes under good control. Poorly controlled diabetes can adversely affect nearly every system of the body but here we confine ourselves to its effect on your feet.


Shin Splint is a general term for a pain in the lower leg which is generally caused by over use. It is often associated with constant pounding such as running and jogging. Or activities that have fast stops and starts.


• Pain during exercise

• Dull ache in the front of your lower leg

• Pain on either side of your shin bone

• Swelling in your lower leg

• Numbness and weakness in your feet


There are many different reasons for the development of shin splints syndrome. Our podiatrists will identify the underlying cause, and will be able to advise you on the best course of treatment.

Treatment Options:

• Icing and anti-inflammatory creams and rest

• Change of exercise regime

• Gentle calf stretching

• Muscle strengthening exercises

• Orthotics

• Foot mobilisation techniques

The health of your body rests on your feet.