Our Philosophy

Orthotics play an integral part in most of our treatment plans, whether for prevention or rehabilitation, but should only be used when necessary. Our Podiatrists are experts in biomechanics and will only prescribe orthotics when they are absolutely essential in your treatment.

Orthotics are special inserts that are worn in your shoes, to help correct the way your feet function. At Acorn Clinics we refer to them as “glasses for your feet”, as they help to correct the way you walk. Orthotics have been widely used in the Podiatry and Chiropody Professions for the past 50 years at least.

Historically orthotics were often very bulky and difficult to fit into shoes, but with the development of new materials, particularly carbon fibre, we can now produce orthotics that are very thin and light and that will fit most of your shoes. Orthotics and orthotic therapy is only one of the many treatments we use to resolve your foot problems.

We use many different types of orthotics, including:

Symptom Specific Orthotics

• Designed for: Specific foot conditions, normal foot shape and    function
• Suitable for: adults, children, sports, work shoes, diabetics
• Can be adjusted

Semi Customised Prescription Orthotics

• Designed for: Normal foot shape, poor foot function
• Suitable for: adults, children, sports, diabetics
• Full Prescription
• Can Be Adjusted
• Manufactured on site

Full Customised Prescription Orthotic

• Designed for: Complex foot problems, poor foot shape, poor foot function
• Suitable for: adults, sports, diabetics
• Full prescription
• Can be adjusted
• Manufactured on site
We have been manufacturing our own custom prescription orthotics for the past twenty years, so we are very familiar with the different types of protocols, and materials available. All adjustments, repairs and refurbishments are carried out in our own laboratory.
The health of your body rests on your feet.