Our Philosophy

Your Gait, or the way you walk, is an extremely complex process, and one that should be pain free. If walking, running, jumping or standing causes any foot or leg pain you should have your gait assessed. The mistake that most of us make is to put a label on these pains and aches, such as occupation, old injuries, or too much of a favourite sport. As it is difficult for most people to change these labels, they simply put up with the aches and pains and let an acute pain become a chronic condition.
If you have aches or pains in your feet or legs you should visit one of our podiatrists, before you cause any further damage. Our podiatrists are experts in the lower limb. They will assess your gait and advise you of your best course of action, and help to get you back to your normal activities pain free.

A Gait Analysis is an Assessment of How You Walk.
It Can be Divided into Two Main Parts:

Part 1

This initial assessment involves:
• Looking at how you stand.
• Looking at how you walk.
This part of the assessment will only give us an idea of what is actually happening when you are walking or standing. We look out for the obvious markers, such as;

These are all symptoms of poor biomechanics and need to be investigated further.

Part 2

This is a more in depth analysis that evaluates:
• The quality and movement of your joints.
• Muscle strength.
• Nerve response.
• Foot condition.
• Foot type and shape.
• Wear pattern. (corns/callouses)

It is only at this point of your assessment that we can begin to understand what is causing your problem, and that we can advise you on the best course of action to take.

Treatment options:

The Older We Get the More Important Mobility Becomes.