Our philosophy is to provide a progressive and comprehensive service for adults and children using both traditional and current podiatry treatments. We are committed to provide pain free treatments and to give our patients an understanding of what is causing their foot problems. We believe that, in assessing and treating lower limb and foot related problems, we can help to improve and maintain foot health and mobility into future.


Podiatry is the science of foot health, which traditionally dealt with most common foot problems. Such as, corns, callouses, in growing toe nails and fungal infections etc.

Today the science of foot health has developed into a profession that has a much broader scope of practice and one that is highly regulated. Not alone does it treat common foot problems, but more importantly it will address the mechanical issues that are causing these problems in the first place.

Our Podiatrists are highly trained professionals who deal exclusively with problems relating to the foot and lower leg. As the foot and leg function as a unit when we walk, it is important not to look at the foot in isolation but rather as unit.

In Our Clinics We Regularly Treat Patients That Suffer From


Heel Spurs

Morton’s neuroma


Plantar fasciitis

Flat feet

Ingrown toe nails

Shin splints

High arches

Fungal nail infections



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Notice to Medical Card holders

If you are a medical card holder aged over 65 years or if you are a medical card holder under 65 with a long term illness, you are entitled to a chiropody treatment card. This will allow you 8 chiropody treatments within a 2 year period.