Our Philosophy

In most cases of ingrown toe nails (IGTN) the nail is the innocent party and should be preserved if at all possible. The offending part of the nail must be removed without pain, so that no further damage is caused to the toe or the nail, allowing it to recover as quickly as possible. If an ingrown toe nail is ignored or left untreated it can become extremely sore and troublesome.


• Incorrect cutting – cutting them too short or cutting down the side    of the nail

• Direct trauma – stubbing your toe

• Not walking correctly – Where uneven pressure causes the flesh to    be pushed against the edge of the toe nail


In the case of incorrect cutting of the nail, our podiatrists will painlessly remove the offending part of the nail. This will normally allow you to walk out of the clinic pain free, and give the tissues in the nail grove, time to recover. Sporting activities can usually be resumed in 24/48 hrs.

Where a nail has been damaged by direct trauma, the damaged portion of the nail needs to be removed. Again this must be done painlessly in order to avoid any further damage to the nail and the nail bed. This gives the area a much better chance to recover without the added complication of a bacterial or indeed a fungal nail infection.

If the nail problem is being caused by a biomechanical issue, the offending portion of the nail must be removed and again this is done painlessly. The underlying biomechanical component should then be addressed to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of the nail problem.

Podiatry is the science of comfort.